As a leading healthcare company, we strive to create a better world. This we do constantly, and we aim to shape the best conditions for social and economic development.

We take our social responsibility seriously. It has become part of our ethos at Roche. To achieve this goal we must meet the expectations of patients, health care providers, employees, social partners and shareholders.

Our major focus is to provide patients and healthcare providers with innovative diagnostic and medicinal products and treatments.

We abide by strong principles. One of them is not to be deductive, which is just another way of saying “everyone is different”. It follows then that we will continuously pursue innovative solutions that are constructed around the needs of the individual. And in this way we will strive to the extend life expectancy, improve the quality of life and relieve the suffering of millions of people.

We also believe that giving you a pill, as it were, is not enough. Roche is committed to provide you, the patient, with education to help you, as well creating greater awareness and care. This is why we support a number of initiatives and campaigns.

Supporting patient groups

Roche is committed to cancer patient education and awareness. To this end it supports many groups in South Africa who see this as an integral part of their primary mission.

From education and awareness to patients’ rights and advocacy, South African cancer groups work unceasingly to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients in whichever way they can.

To find out more about these various groups, and how they can help you, visit the ‘Links and Resources’ section in this website.

Learn more about Roche, at www.roche.co.za or visit our global website, www.roche.com.